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Shade – Combat Rave

This song has a really awesome dirty backpack attached.

The track feels ultra-honest. Those vocals with an attitude are right there in your face, knowing you can do nothing about it. The basic yet smacking drumset throws the beat at you, making the new release of Sahde feel like the fighting anthem when life throws stones at you. There’s this basic tension added in between the single tracks of the song that feels a lot like time is slowing down. ‘Combat Rave’ triggers sort of a ‘now it’s on’ feel in me. You won’t find any filler elements in this tune, and its exactly this basic concept that makes the track have that intense effect on the listener.

The canadian alt rock band uses a great mixture of retro brit rock along those edgy crisp vocals to create a new breed of alt rock I’d like to name ‘shade grunge’. Containing almost hypnotic elements, the sound feels like witchcraft at parts, when at other parts it feels like a borderline psychedelic trip to oddworld-ish dimensions. The genre as well as the transmitted feel is very hard to categorize, and that’s what makes this track so awesome.

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