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Highly Suspect – These Days

Been there, done that.

In what might be the most accurate storytelling I’ve seen in a long time, the new release of Highly Suspect brings you what already has been there in your mind all along. ‘These Days’ is a page of the book called life, and although it’s not an unknown chapter for most of us, it’s an awesome one nevertheless.

The music. The set. The actors. Virtually everything in this production tells this story in an almost painfully accurate way, and every single detail in the music (and the video) was placed perfectly to maximise the effect of this seemingly casual situation. For me, ‘These Days’ is the fighting anthem for the working class hero. We all know about days like these, and the band captured this frustration along this special type of resignation, packed with a bit of desperation and helplessness just perfectly with their tune. The fact that now there’s an awesome video coming along is just the icing on the cake.

The music is borderline edgy, it’s basic, and its kickass in its most honest form. The passion along the vocals is backed by the driving simplicity of the guitars and the smacking steady rhythm. Heck, even the most basic synth melody in this tune has the effect of underlining the everydayness (okay, THAT might not be a word, but you get my drift.) of the feel being transmitted through the sound. Overall, it is tracks like these that reminds us that life does have its ups and downs, and if you have a close look every now and then, even the downs might be something to laugh about eventually.

Now can we please just eat dinner? We can. And we will.

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Florian Maier

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