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Alexis Roussiaux – Butterflies

This track, taken off the newly released album ‘Alexis Roussiaux’, knows how to transmit emotions big time.

Mainly, the track draws its emotional potency off the vocals of french singer/songwriter Roussiaux. He knows how to emphasize on passion and intensity as well as cutting back on the more defensive, fragile parts. Backed by a guitar and several extras like strings and piano, the stage is set for the voice of Roussiaux which is seemingly ‘floating’ on the musical backing base like a leaf would on the water surface of a river slowly going downstream. The mix of the track does the rest, everything is well-balanced, placed perfectly and well-rounded eq-wise. The tune feels warm and soft yet with tension where needed.

I love that the track feels really honest and real. I believe those emotions in there are true, as this is a love song and a hymn to all the lovers out there. This tune makes me want to slowly dance with my loved one in the living room.

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Florian Maier

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