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Sparrows – Hide & Seek

Time to get the groove, folks.

I’ll admit it, this new release of Jessica Nitties, better known as Sparrows isn’t one of the fullest, richest productions I ever heard. But you know what? That’s exactly why I love it.

The playful rhythm and the crisp extra percussion along a minimal yet very effective synth melody base builds a great base for Sparrows’ personal soundlab you just stepped in. Those processed vocal one-shots are somewhat de-humanized but work perfectly as a backing concept. You think this is too monotone or linear? Well, I say this is a perfect counterpart to the soft female vocals which are done girlish (just to clarify, this is a good thing!), fragile with a great amount of sassiness. And when doubled, these vocals are an absolute thing of beauty. This brings a human element into this machinery of sounds.

It’s very clear to me that the Australian singer/songwriter/producer loves to put together all those little elements to see if they would be a good fit for a song. In ‘Hide & Seek’, you never can be sure what is actually a vocal snippet or a n electronic instrument/plugin. I am a sucker for details, so I love when an artist gives me something to pick apart when listening to. Around every corner of every other second there’s something new to explore.

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Florian Maier

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