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Qwiet Type – Got It Like I Like It

Qwiet Type is back, and once again, he brings something new and unexpected.

If I know one thing about the artist known as Qwiet Type, then it’s the fact that he loves to reinvent his style. In every other release there’s this ‘huh. Who would have thought THAT?’ moment to find, and I absolutely love it. It shows the artist is not afraid of any outcome. He’s just curious. Like a cook does while searching for a new recipe, Qwiet Type combines different ideas, merges sounds out of his ‘DO NOT MERGE’ box of sounds, or (in this case) he stirs different decades and influences together. The result always is something extraordinary.

In this 2019 release, mighty retro 80’s synth melodies are the base for the almost hypnotic vocals, making the track feel like one of these trips we all might have experienced yet. This track is something to float in retro-style. I gotta admit, I am not really a fan of the retro synth lines, but I DO love how everything falls in place in this track, since this is not exactly the place where Qwiet Type is at home, music wise. Then again, I guess there isn’t really some specific genre where the multitalent would even consider himself at home. THIS, guys, is what I like to call the essence and DNA of a musician.

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