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LVVRS – Iconic

Ever wondered what would be the result if yesterdays pop rock had a love child with nowadays alt rock? I found out today.

For me, the track of the american rockers LVVRS instantly was what it says in the title – iconic. And here’s why: it’s freakin’ authentic in how it was done. This track is talking to me on way more levels than just the notes being transmitted. But, first things first.

With a very retro electro pop setting, the track is oozing energy on all outlets. The rhythm is driving, those electric guitars are uplifting and tense, and the vocals are bringing some action to the table. I love that everything in this track feels believable and true. Blending those retro elements with the drive and energy of todays’ music was an awesome signature move, because it adds a huge amount of soul into the tune. There’s not a single moment in ‘Iconic’ that doesn’t feel energetic and passionate. Being born in ’78, I have a special connection to this blend of past and present, because both styles are really appealing to me. So, merging those styles into one song is like my ears having one of the best burgers in town.

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