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Frank Hermes – Astronaut

This years’ first release of Frank Hermes transmits the message with an unfiltered intensity.

I gotta admit, when I first heard this track, I didn’t know what it was all about. With an almost lightweight approach and a certain amount of groove, Hermes tells a story about how to deal with personal loss, with having to let someone go. And he does so with an unreal amount of uplifting spirit that may suggest the content of the track would be a totally different one (and I fear that if you’re not able to understand the lyrics, you probably might have a hard time connecting all the dots here, but the video takes care of any language barriers in my opinion).

What I love about ‘Astronaut’ is the dual approach the theme manages to have. Hermes knows by first-hand experience that this whole topic is nerve-wrecking and absolutely sad and depressing, but he also is aware that there is another way of dealing with these facts of life. It’s a brave move to even share this experience publicly, but it’s awesome move to show a different approach of grieving, and in this case, it is in fact an uplifting one. This track is ultra-believable, and the fact that it’s packed with flawless melodies and emotional vocals that make you groove along makes me smile even when the tune remembers me how hard life can be sometimes.

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Florian Maier

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