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Mully & Sculder – Billboards

The 2019 release of Mully & Sculder brings this special kind of retro glow to the table.

With a steady retro beat and percussion setting, the track oozes vintage vibe due to the used synths and the way the vocals are done. Containing this special retro sassiness, the vocals feel really out of time – and I love it. While the male vocals contain this linear, almost cold vibe during the verse parts, the female vocals are really done passionate and energetic. Those two counterparts are fitting awesome when combined. ‘Billboards’ takes you back in time for these 3.5 minutes of running time.

You can’t help but to slowly groove along to the addictive disco-ish melodies. (In my case, while no one is watching, I might get out of my chair doing some retro-disco moves, looking ridiculous while doing so.) I love how that vintage flair was captured in this track. While an attempt to do so can go the wrong way very easily, the canadian duo managed to let this track shine with the most vintage AND future electro glow I’ve heard in a long time.

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