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Magnus – Forever & Never

The new release of Australian rockers Magnus transmits a huge amount of dark melancholy.

I guess it’s because of these vocals. The vocals that are telling you ‘I have suffered. I know. I seen it.’ This emotional vibe is reflected through a dark, moody timbre, and its supported by this dark, edgy and dirty atmopshere created through the guitars and this oh-so-smooth bass line. The drums are the motor of ‘Forever & Never’, with the voice being the soul and the music backing being the body of the track.

Everything falls in place with this track. The tune triggers feelings, its a certain kind of unrest, incoming darkness, the urge to get away, while the music manages to create a special kind of what I like to call ‘evil grin flavor’. Its music like this that shows you the dark side, and it does so in an awesome way.

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Florian Maier

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