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The Groove Project – Home In the Sky

The Groove Project once again knows how to satisfy the need of the listener.

The most important ingredient of the newly released track ‘Home In the Sky’ is – you might have guessed it – a huge amount of groove. The guys around musician/producer Arun Shenoy and producer Matthew Shell just know how to get this infectious groove right into your brain.

With lush and fresh rhythm patterns, every musician gets the chance to take the stage. You gotta love these lightweight and free sax melodies along those vocal one-shots, while the vintage vibed guitar and the innovative bass deliver a steady base. That is, of course, until the guitar takes the stage in a mighty Oldfield-ish way, building an exciting and playful atmosphere for the listener to fly in. Once again, everything in this track works together like a well-oiled machine.

The seventh single off the album revolving around man’s fascination with flight, the track itself feels a lot like flying to me. It’s not only the lightweight, floaty vibe happening in there, it’s also this passion involved in the playing, the soulful performance along a mix that clearly shows the love for music. This isn’t a job those guys did – it’s a piece of their life they are delivering us through the headphones.

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