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Haunter – Love You Better

This, ladies and gentleman, is your next-gen anti love-song.

There’s this special kind of retro disco feel attached. Not too much, but still there are these glowing saturated synth arpeggios along those lightweight floating stab chords making the song creating a very warm and vintage base atmosphere. The awesome voice of Lucy Lenoir manages to get the track into the present time. The track is a great blend of electro and pop without really being engraved into one or the other genre. (and no, calling it ‘electro pop’ won’t work either, because its way more than ‘just’ electro pop.)

I love that each of the single elements of ‘Love You Better’ has its own part of making the song stand out. The fat bass synth makes you feel comfortable, the floating synth creates a widespaced room, and the emotional vocals make the song honest and feelable. It’s this kind of hybrid sound that leads the music industry into another era in my opinion. The classic guitar/bass/drums combo isn’t necessarily needed anymore to create an intense and emotional ballad.

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Florian Maier

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