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Delyn Grey – Battle

Careful, guys. The new release of singer/songwriter Delyn Grey hits heart and soul without a warning.

Backed by a minimal piano, the voice of Grey lets you have a glimpse of what’s going on in the head of the Canadian artist. What really blew me away was the intensity of those vocals. Its very clear to me that this whole theme isn’t something she simply wrote, its something she lived through. There’s a huge amount of honesty glued to those vocals, it really triggers these torn feelings everyone of us hides in the shadows of his/her mind most of the time.
While several elements are added over time, the tension and intensity of the song slowly rises. For me, this felt a bit uncomfortable first, because you don’t know where Grey is going to lead you in this dark, unknown environment of hers, and you don’t know if you even want to go there. But you find yourself clinging to her voice in hope to find a way out there.
The video coming with the song even intensifies this conflict of duality happening inside. With minimal yet ultra-effective pictures, the track is supported by a black-and-white-environment and a very intimate insight of the artists’ feelings.

This heavy emotional impact on the listener is rare in productions out there, and it’s not something you can learn or buy. This is no script. This is life, being told by someone who had been there before.

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Florian Maier

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