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Hello Ocean – Whatever You Wanted

Once again, Stina Svensson wears her heart on her sleeve.

With the third track of her recently released album ‘Fragments’, the swedish singer/songwriter knows how to trigger emotions big time. As with previous releases, this track uses very soft and defensive elements to have an outstanding effect on the listener.

Being about going through a breakup with someone you’re not ready to give up yet, the singer uses the floaty synth and string elements in the track to emphasize the vulnerable state she wants to make available to the listener. As with other tracks, there are two sides of the track for me, one being the heartbroken, hurt and vulnerable side, and the other being a more confident, self-aware vibe blending in. ‘Whatever You Wanted’ tells the story of this helplessness you face when you don’t know what the heck went wrong, or what to do next. I said it before, I’ll say it again: Svensson is a master in transmitting emotions big time. She knows where and how to trigger those emotional hotspots, and with a carefully concepted and arranged mix like this, this track of Hello Ocean is music to close your eyes to. To feel. To relate to.

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Florian Maier

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