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Easy Jane – Destiny

While listening to the new release of Easy Jane, I was expecting a nice and easy slow ballad. Man, I was in for a surprise.

Sure, first the track starts slowly and calm, with an emotional approach in a safe and resting environment. I ignored the hint with the guitar sound being processed in a slightly discomforting way, and I also ignored the dark-ish mood hanging from the ceiling. I started slowly grooving along with the guitar, the slow rhythm and the bellish synth melodies. You gotta love what happened then.

Have you ever been waken by someone with a bucket of water? The track has a similar surprise for the listener, ripping you out of the comfortable scenery by smashing you with raw energy and energetic electric guitar chords. Although you would probably say that these elements are countering everything the song stands for, I say this is changing the pace like a pro. The guys of Easy Jane managed to keep the main theme intact, blending the scenery from dream into nightmare and back with ease. Don’t ask me how they did it, but they sure make it look (better: sound) easy. I love it when tracks are able to get you out of your chair for that ‘what the hell’ moment, and this tune of the belgaian rock band is a perfect example of how this is done the right way. You might say this is a ballad with a twist. I say its another awesome creation in the universe of Easy Jane.

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