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The Bluechips – Deception

Somehow I’m really drawn to this groove happening in there. What starts quite basic with a bass line, a guitar and those almost ‘dehumanized’ vocals evolves into a driving energetic anthem.

The harmonized vocals pave the way for the chorus lifting off the roof. While the reverbed guitar builds a roomy atmosphere, for me it feels like the vocals draw the attention back from room to spotlight. This ‘counteraction’ feels direct and uplifting. Some might say that the concept of the track is not new, and that we all heard songs like ‘Deception’ before. True, but what makes this track stand out for me is that special ‘Bluechips signature element’ (lets call it BSE…no, wait. Forget the short form.) Its a perfect mix of energetic fun lightweight feel in addition with the sound feeling free and rocking to keep both the track and its listener in constant movement.

There’s no need to talk about the flawless mix or the performance of the instruments, everything is right in place and highlighted in the exact amount needed to not disturb the other elements. So here it is, your morning anthem to get you going. The track to get you back up if you’re down. The track to get a new record for the next 10k run. You name it. This track is meant to make you move.

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Florian Maier

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