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The New Shining – One by One

Starting with an unknown and mysterious electronic atmospheric environment, the new release of The New Shining builds a perfect bridge between electro pop/rock and the emotions in your head.

I love how the track paints the scenery with its music backing. If you listen closely, you’ll find a ton of different elements in there, all stacked with the purpose to build this wide-spaced, somewhat lost and lonely feel in the listeners head. Those arpeggiated synths in this roomy reverbed place feel exciting like unknown creatures hiding in the shadows, while the melancholic yet confident vocals are finding their way through this mysterious maze.

In a certain way, ‘One By One’ feels like trying to find your way out of a huge ‘forest of thoughts’ where everything is unknown to you while you try to make sense of everything you encounter. Struggling with who you are, or where you are, the track serves as a lighthouse, delivering both an uplifting spirit while at the same time recognizing that the struggle isn’t something that is created just by your imagination. The recognition of this ‘lost feeling’ is important and worth so much for anyone who can relate to this state of mind. For me, this track transmits the emotion with even more intensity as it transmits the notes.

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Florian Maier

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