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Freda Felcher – Take My Time

There is a special ingredient cooked into one of the new releases of Freda Felcher: a ton of groove.

This special ingredient in ‘Take My Time’ makes me move whenever I hear this tune. The music backing contains of some wind instruments and a laid back swingy guitar amongst others, bringing a laid back feel to the table. With all those handmade elements in there, the track of Leif Routman and vocalist Hilary Camino, the both better known as Freda Felcher, feels really natural and free. Imagine a sunny afternoon at a park. See all those relaxed people going for a walk, lying in the grass, playing with their dog? That’s the base feel the track transmits for me.

And the best part is the awesome voice of Camino. It’s both passionate and lightweight, yet there is a ton of energy feelable in there. As if the track wasn’t awesome already, the vocals add additional lightweight feel. For me, the track injects good mood into any situation. This track will rip you out of any bad situation, transforming it into a relaxed ‘what the heck’ atmosphere instantly. That’s the beauty of the music of Freda Felcher.

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Florian Maier

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