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Martin Leary – Let It Go

Backed by a strummed guitar and a defensive synth, there is nothing else needed for the vocals of singer/songwriter Martin Leary to shine.

With a very sensitive approach, the song tells the story of held back thoughts or feelings in a unique and emotional way. While there are additional elements added over time, for me the track holds both an uplifting component and a more serious one. It kinda feels like the talk you have with someone when you have the feeling there’s something wrong. While the song approaches this theme with a lightweight vibe, there’s also this awesome ‘I’m here for you’ element being transmitted between the single tracks of ‘Let It Go’. It’s in songs like this one you can recognize that for the artist a song isn’t just a pile of single instrument and vocal tracks meant to make your eardrums vibrate, but there’s a little piece of the artists soul in the song to find. I love when a song breaks the boundaries of being ‘just’ a song. This is a perfect example of how emotions and feelings are articulated in music. In other words: this, guys, is soulfood.

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Florian Maier

CEO/Producer at kings mountain studios (kms). Drummer. Sound explorer. Music enthusiast. Critic. Writer. Husband. Father. All stacked up in 1.88 m, 80 kg.

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