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Neo Noir, Aimee – Jezebel

I gotta admit, I raised an eyebrow within the first seconds of the song…but once this anthem lifts off, you’ll find yourself grooving and singing along within seconds.

With emotional and defensive female vocals, the unusual mixture of melodic elements and electro percussion finds its way into your brain in no time. The sub bass synths along a basic rhythm keeps enough room for those melodic vocals to shine. While the verse parts take their time to tell the story, the track really knows how to put some energy into the chorus parts. With an uplifting high pitched synth and a mighty groove along the beat, the track contains everything to become a next-level anthem. Imagine this track in a stadium full of people. Now, ain’t the chorus a beauty to sing along while the music is cut off for the masses to scream their lungs out?

I love the alleged simplicity in ‘Jezebel’. Because the tracks are placed and mixed carefully, there’s always enough focus on these lush, melodic vocals, and those doubled parts are exactly what is needed to let this song stick to your head immediately. The sound feels lightweight yet meaningful. This release proves without a doubt that you don’t need a track maxed and normalized to a sea of sound to have full effect.

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Florian Maier

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