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Blanker – Pink Slip

There’s something in this release of Blanker that keeps me playing this tune on repeat.

Probably it’s this ultra-laid back, seemingly carefree approach of the track. Backed by a melodic guitar and a relaxed rhythm, the vocals feel lightweight and fun, although the message of the track isn’t something to take lightly, because its something many of us will find themselves confronted with, somewhere down the road. I love the fact that the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist John Norwood, better known as Blanker, tells the story of the song with that nice, easy going approach, making you dance and sing along in the progress. Keep in mind, you do so with a warning message of constantly working too hard to enjoy life.

The duality of the tune amazes me, I don’t really know if I should smile or rethink my position at the office. Or both. For me, one central statement for me is ‘If I give you one more summer, I’ll go mental by the spring’. This should go right on a t-shirt, if you ask me. For all of those who are struggling on a daily basis with the decision of keeping the job that’s eating you alive, I recommend to listen to ‘Pink Slip’ tonight when driving home. Crank up the volume, and be prepared to be enlightened. Oh, and you might get hoarse because of the loud singing along. Well, what the heck. For what would you need your voice tomorrow? For the job?

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Florian Maier

CEO/Producer at kings mountain studios (kms). Drummer. Sound explorer. Music enthusiast. Critic. Writer. Husband. Father. All stacked up in 1.88 m, 80 kg.

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