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Michael G Moore – Demons and Angels

We all have our demons and our angels guide our way. If you don’t believe me, let Michael G Moore tell you about it.

The new release of London based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Moore starts with a stringy reverbed backing and a soft calm voice. The atmosphere feels very lightweight and even a bit uplifting. Over time, there are additional elements added to create more tension and to add more energy, without overdoing so. To keep the song simple is key, and Moore manages to add just as much tracks to get the sound rich and full.

When I first reviewed a track of Moore back in 2019, I stated that the vocals of Moore reflects not only one special mood but a powerful mix of moods. This seems to be true in all of his creations. With ‘Demons and Angels’, he carefully choses what feeling he is transmitting, and he is able to switch between soft and calm to energetic and uplifting when needed. The track depends on those vocals, and Moore does a great job to fuel the tune with his emotional and powerful voice.

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