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The Jupiter Effect – Poison

There’s one word to describe the newest release of austrian band The Jupiter Effect perfectly. The word is: intense.

With an awesome pressing and driving bass line, the track steps on the gas within the first seconds. Once the full band is added, it feels like you were chased by the music. Imagine a high speed car chase. Running through the woods at night being chased by an animal. It’s easy to imagine any scenario that feels like this special ‘survival mode’ vibe.

So now that your blood pressure is peaking and your heart rate is elevated, the vocals are telling the story with emotion and passion, almost desperate and pleading sometimes. With ‘Poison’ being about the the relationship between our psyche and drugs, the survival mode scenario is quite fitting the topic. The struggle of light and dark, soft and strong, use and abuse, and the constant conflict happening in our mind is realized with such a huge amount of energy and drive that it makes it different on several occasions to see through all of this. It feels awesome yet confusing and disturbing. The important thing is: it makes you feel something. Sometimes you don’t want this fat driving bass line anymore, sometimes you are rocking along like you lost your mind. You can’t fake intensity, folks. The music of The Jupiter Effect triggers you not only to listen but to feel as well. This is how its done.

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Florian Maier

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