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White Noise Cinema – Unpersons

I love when a track delivers its message in an intense way. The dark new release of White Noise Cinema manages to do that perfectly.

With a unique one-shot video along the dark, driving electro backing and those emotional and honest vocals, the song tells its story in a fashion that makes you watch silently, feeling sort of uncomfortable while you watch the protagonist essentially live her life with all the stations along the way. No matter who you are, I am sure you experienced and lived trough at least three quarters of what you are watching there. Ups and downs, old friends lost, new friends, crushing workloads, crushing family fates, and so on. The compressed intensity of showing all of this within four minutes is an absolute thing of beauty, and so is doing it with a single cutscene. This, guys, is where art meets music.

‘Unpersons’ shows in a unique and intense fashion about how all our lifes are predefined in a certain range, leaving it up to us to decide what to do, what do belive and who to trust. From my own experience, humans are not the smartest thing in the universe, and we all tend to make mistakes on a daily basis. This thought is mighty depressing if you ask me, and being handed this insight is something the listener has to cope with (which can be hard). What’s uplifting on the other hand is the awareness factor that’s been handed you as well with this track. Being aware of who you are, of being careful with all your decisions is key. And its tracks like this that really show you in a wake-up-call style what’s important. I love when music is a door-opener for interpretations like this. You could talk for hours over the intention of the song. Sure, we all love to be just entertained by the next pop hit out there. But once in a while, I want to be challenged by a tune like ‘Unpersons’. A track that forces me to think. To re-evalute if who I am today is who I always wanted to be. To stay alerted and to adjust my life if necessary. This track isn’t something you will forget once you heard and seen it. This track leaves a mark.

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Florian Maier

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