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Hello Ocean – Leave The Light On

Taken off the recently released album ‘Fragments’, this track really is a remedy for your soul.

Originally being a lullaby/love song for the niece of swedish singer/songwriter Stina Svensson, this track evolved into way more than the original idea in my opinion. In many tracks of Svensson you’ll find what I like to call the ‘oceanic element’. This track, amongst others of Hello Ocean, is created with that special vibe that feels like a calm water surface. The sound feels so soft, so quiet and so peacefully.

I can’t really put my finger on it, but there’s something to “Leave The Light On” that instantly calms me down. That instantly tells me that everything is okay, that it’s okay to put away all the sorrow for a moment. The backing piano and those wide reverbed vocals set up a really safe and comfortable environment for my thoughts. Fun fact about me, normally I don’t like vocals with too much reverb in them, but there’s something about the voice of the swedish singer that makes it totally okay for me to float in that reverbed room setting. I love the fact that regarding this track there are once again just the right amount of elements in there to complete the track without overloading it. There is so much that can go wrong developing a sound like this one, but in most tracks by Hello Ocean the shoe just fits. This warm, rich and complete music, guys, is the signature sound of the beautiful singer Svensson. In a world where you find yourself rushing through the day most of your life, it makes me happy to know that the peaceful music of Svensson is out there. We need that.

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