Petter Carlsen – I Love The Way You See The World

The track takes you by the hand and guides you through a maze of emotion and electro pop.

In a mysterious reverbed setting, the music creates that awesome atmosphere which feels partly unknown but strangely familiar. The rhythm and the percussion puts energy and tension in there while its the soft synths that calm the track down. The outstanding male vocals are both somewhat a pleading and a emotional statement, filling the track with a bit of melancholy while adding a real warm human flair to the electro pop track.

It’s all about the feeling in ‘I Love the Way You See the World’. This empty void at the beginning. The almost ‘running away scenario’ throughout the main theme. The desperate-ish chorus snippets. The track contains a whole set of feelings it can trigger in the listener. And to blend all of this into one single track is a rare thing out there, because it’s a really fragile project that can and will crumble down instantly if you screw up one single element. But as you can hear, norwegian multitalent Petter Carlsen absolutely knows what he is doing. THIS is how to deliver emotion, passion and excitement with music.

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Florian Maier

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