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Ben Harris – Wrecked

The new release of Ben Harris invites you to a emotional journey through time and space.

Backed by playful and lightweight arpeggiated synth tracks, the vocals feel soft and calm, and perfectly natural in this awesome built electronic atmosphere. For me it seems like an half floating vibe in a huge atmospheric setting. The reverbed elements along the soft vocals transmit a light-as-a-feather-flair, making “Wrecked” a track to rather explore than just to listen to. There’s a lot happening in there which isn’t obvious at first, making the song irresistible to me. I love finding new snippets and elements of a soundscape backing like this.

The songs’ mix is flawless, every element is right where it needs to be. The track progresses with intelligent placed risers creating tension and excitement without ever leaving the calm and warm atmosphere. Listenting to the other tracks of the EP grace[s], I found that this warm, soft and calm base setting is kind of the signature sound of Harris. The roomy base setting is present in all three songs of said EP, creating a perfect soundtrack to close your eyes to, allowing your senses to float in this gentle sea of sound.

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