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Estelle California – Black Is the True Light

Imagine a small club with a small stage. You take a seat next to the stage, order something to drink, and… there she is. Backed by a somewhat mysterious setting consisting of a processed guitar, a defensive piano and strings, the stage is set for the beautiful singer/songwriter Estelle California.

Those vocals are really addictive once you heard them. Estelle California spans a massive tone range and makes singing seem so easy with sudden note changes, with packing the voice with soul while in the next second making it seem fragile and vulnerable. The versatility of the vocals is an absolute thing of beauty, even the french accent involved is adding a mysterious and sexy glow to the tune.

As the song progresses, that lush rhythm is added, making the sound feel rich and soulful while making you nod your head without even recognizing it. The singer sings along this swinging base like a butterfly flying over your head. Although the vocals feel very lightweight, California always is indicating that there’s an infinite amount of energy available in her singing. Overall, the track is constructed really meaningful and with a high sense of detailed storytelling. In the setting described before, you’ll find me front row, staring with a smile on my face while enjoying every second of the artists’ performance.

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