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The Base – My Old Monsters

Taken off the 2019 released “Tribal Instincts”, this track knows how to create a mysterious atmosphere with minimal elements.

Like an awesome storyteller, this track pulls you into an atmosphere that feels very familiar to me. It’s somewhat connected to a lonely vibe, and due to the use of just minimal nedded elements and tracks, it feels very on-your-own-ish sometimes. As the song progresses, it’s like listening to this little voice in your brain (while singer Norbert Wally can sing WAY better than that voice in my head, believe me).

Starting calm with minimal guitar and synth setting evolves into a tense alternative rock track over time, with the story being told in an emotional and sensitive fashion. The vocals caress your soul like telling you ‘hey, it’s okay. I know how you feel.’, while the music slowly rises as if those old monsters emerge once again.

I love that this track of the austrian trio The Base not only tells the story with its lyrics, but also paints the picture with the music. It makes you feel the story with a carefully constructed melodic progression and an awesome balanced mix. This, guys, is meaningful music.

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