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Emily James – bartender

The new release of Emily James is really a gamechanger when it comes to defining genre borders. With a seamless change between vulnerable and fragile to energetic and confident, the pace and emotional setting of the song really isn’t something you can put in a box and label it.

What starts as a really emotional scenario in a reverbed atmosphere with a lonely and desperate vibe evolves into a full-blown electro tune with intelligent percussion, awesome doubled and harmonized vocals and guitar and synth backing tracks. I love when tracks have that special surprise in store for you when you don’t expect it. This track merges a ballad with electro elements and a soulful vocal concept, and the mix of “bartender” is well-rounded and high quality with a bit of warm retro feel.

And then there are these vocals. Soft and warm, with a sexy undertone, and with energy in there that lets the listener know that the singer only reveals what she wants you to hear. And it’s clear to me that there is a ton more energy available for this talented artist. James knows how to really transmit emotions and feelings. This way she’s able to tell a story with meaning and value. Heck. With a voice like this, she could sing this song through a cellphone, and I’d still be sitting there, listening in silence.

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Florian Maier

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