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Big Soda – Telephone

Get ready to lean back, chill and relax to the laid back new release of Big Soda.

This track has an awesome appeal to me. Mostly because it isn’t confined to one genre. What starts with a picked guitar and some calm vocals gets a mighty injection of groove with that rhythms added. While the song progresses, there are several elements added like those backing vocals or a dreamy synth, which are all aiming at making this track both chilled and groovy. The vocals have sort of a carefree vibe attached to them. Have you ever been sitting at the beach during your hard-earned vacation, enjoying a cocktail when suddenly realizing its only 3 pm? You’d probably smile, lean back, thinking ‘ahh, what the heck’ while ordering another cocktail. This is a picture “Telephone” paints for me. With that mediterranean flair and the ultra-cool approach, this track feels just like vacation.

The work of Big Soda on their recently released EP ‘Big Soda!’ often times has this lightweight carefree element blended into the tracks. The guys won’t take music and their message too seriously, but don’t be fooled, they do put a lot of work into their music. With a balanced mix like that, well-played solos and those awesome interludes (I love these “hey, where’s… my bass line?” gems put in there!) it is crystal clear that they work hard for bringing the listener these relaxed tunes. So here it is, your three minutes of ime-out feelgood moment after a rough day at the office.

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