Kings Ransome – Solo

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Tales’, the new release of Kings Ransome fills your heart with rockin’ melancholy.

The track starts with a crystalline guitar backing and those passionate vocals, slowly emerging as an hard hitting rock track that manages to both deliver the message and rock the dust off your speakers. The track takes its time, it’s a slow ballad with a full guitar backing theme and a slow rock groove, but the impact of those vocals is plain awesome. Those feel somewhat desperate, telling the story about heartbreak in an intense way while being backed by the music which seems constantly ‘in motion’.

With several effect tracks added, plus those oh-so-sweet guitar solos happening, the track feels like every thought that’s wandering in your mind just comes crashing down on you. Ever felt heartbroken in a way it feels like it is hurting physically? This track, guys, pictures the feel perfectly. The atmosphere is part mystical, part lost, part unknown, desperate, uplifting yet crueling hurting… I can hear and feel every emotion in “Solo”. This track is a shining example of why music is awesome.

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Florian Maier

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