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Michael Rose – Tornado

In a huge reverbed setting, at first the new release of Michael Rose somehow feels like you are lost. It’s just you, with that huge space around you where everyone expects you to just be okay with. But believe me, you are not alone.

With his signature emotional and passionate voice, Rose makes clear within seconds of singing that “Tornado” isn’t your daily happy dose of fun music, this track is designed to go under your skin. The vocals carry the message with a huge amount of empathy and sympathy. Backed by a video with powerful and intense yet minimalistic pictures, the song adds even more of the intensity it already contains.

The song has an intense background of meeting someone who is scarred for life not only on the outside but also on the inside. You can feel the intensity and importance that meeting had for the singer/songwriter Rose, the music feels what I’d describe as ‘positive melancholic’. The track manages to trigger emotions and feelings, while keeping its energetic tension that probably reflects what Rose felt when he met this girl that day.

Music like this has a huge, often underestimated healing power. With this track, Rose manages as a guide in this huge world, telling all of those uncertain, shy and lost people out there “it’s okay. I’m here.” This, guys, is music with a message and an intention, with a positive effect and the power to lift you up when life pulls you down.

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