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Couchsleepers – Half the Night

With a slight melancholic touch and sort of an ‘early-morning/late-evening vibe’, the newest release of the Couchsleepers creates that environment where you can imagine yourself lying next to your loved one, right as the lyrics are telling.

The sound feels soft and defensive but also has the potential to get energetic and uplifting when needed to create tension and diversion. The single instrument tracks are working together like a well-oiled machine, and those emotional vocals are feeling floaty and soft. The song creates a special setting where you are excited for what happens next. It’s the mixture of storytelling and merging the single instruments into that ‘sea of sound’ that I like the most in songs like this one. Needless to say, the overall mix of the track is rock solid.

‘Half the Night’ really is a multipurpose track for me. Imagine slowly dancing with your loved one through the dining room. Perfect. Imagine waking up to this awesome tune after sleeping in at the weekend. Perfect. Imagine sitting outside in late summer, with a glass of your favourite wine watching the sun set. Perfect. See? The sound and the attached mood is great for many occasions, and being able to create such a tune is not a given thing among artists out there.

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