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EMM – Wild Child

The song builds a mysterious dark minimalistic atmosphere as if you just entered the mind of your lover. Be prepared to get addicted to the sound of the american multitalent Emma Norris, better known as EMM.

These awesome female vocals along a minimalistic drum and synth setting are made to send goosebumps down your spine while you get addicted to the slow melodic tune, drawn towards those haunting vocals that put a spell on you. What’s really interesting for me as a producer is the fact that the focus always is set on the vocals because whatever you do, these are the center of attention courtesy of the unique signature flair. With the bridge/riser build in there (that feels as if someone would cast a spell on you), you’re drawn towards that fragile yet confident, innocent yet sassy voice, like a moth is drawn to the light.

The lyrics video coming with the release is a thing of beauty as well. In a deserted setting (literally), the video knows how to picture the sexy, lush and even fragile atmosphere the song creates. With “Wild Child”, you get the full package of what music has to offer. This track is made to be felt, not just to be heard.

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Florian Maier

CEO/Producer at kings mountain studios (kms). Drummer. Sound explorer. Music enthusiast. Critic. Writer. Husband. Father. All stacked up in 1.88 m, 80 kg.

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