The Bergamot – One Mile

It’s storytime, guys. Sit down, lean back, and hear the warm and emotional message of Nathaniel and Jillian, better known as The Bergamot.

This is actually the first video of The Bergamot I ever saw, and it’s an awesome one. Whoever did this absolutely deserves a huge shoutout for capturing the essence of the song while giving the message a lightweight vibe without taking the underlying seriousness away. In an high-end stroytelling manner, the video adds a huge amount of depth to the song by letting the notes of “One Mile” come to life. After all, we humans are highly audiovisual entities, and the video along the song satisfies our needs on both ends. The music is done defensive and soft, along those awesome vocals there’s this music backing that starts easy and slowly rises like the sun, containing a floating element that opens up the mind for the key message of the song: together we rise, apart we fall.

What I love most in the music of The Bergamot is that every note means something to them. There’s a message being transmitted with everything they create. Sometimes an urgent one, sometimes hopelessly romantic, but every time meaningful and important. Whether it’s about love, the environment, or life itself, about good times or bad times, they want to give you their point of view hoping to make the world a better place. I don’t know about you, guys, but in my opinion they absolutely succeed in doing so.

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