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Michael Colton – Brother

Let’s start the new year in style an with an honest and emotional track.

Backed by a guitar and a minimal synth setting, the singer/songwriter Colton sings with an ultra-warm and honest emotion-packed voice, making time somehow move slower than before in the process. This honest approach in music cannot be faked in my opinion, you just can hear that “Brother” comes from the heart and is not just a song for the background but rather a tune that reaches out for triggering emotions. With an awesome blend of several musical styles, the signature sound of Colton transmits both feeling and a groove to slowly move to. (And boy, those harmonized vocal tracks are an absolute thing of beauty.)

You can hear that there’s much more in Coltons arsenal, and blending those several styles I am sure that he can step on the pedal for e.g. fast-paced rock with ease. It’s in ballads like the thoughtful arranged “Brother” where you can feel the positive energy of music that is desperately needed out there.

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