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Sunny Smiles – SOL (Sign of Life)

I'm just tryin' to be honest tonight.

This track takes you back a few years. With an awesome blend of retro synth feel and pop vocals, you’ll find yourself humming along the catchy melody of “Sign of Life” in no time. Trust me.

Boston based artist Sunny Smiles presents a quite minimal yet effective track where some synth layers are the foundation of those processed autotuned vocals. Now, many who know me also know that I’m not really a fan of autotune… usually. With this track, it somehow fits perfectly. Due to a basic vocal pattern and a steady beat with not too aggressive percussion, this alternative pop/rap song is building quite a groove alongside an emotional melody. The lyrics somehow connect a really emotionally loaded theme with the lightweight and almost playful bell-synth. I guess this was the final reason I needed to write a review – I love the connection of things that are not supposed to be connected – for ordinary people.

Sunny Smiles, who refers to himself as a “Soundcloud Rapper” (Instagram) and the “Happiest Rapper alive” (Youtube), produced a real jewel here in my opinion. It’s unusual, it’s catchy, and the production is solid as well. Being present at all major distribution platforms, his sight is set on going big out there. One minor negative thing to mention would be his artwork. I’m a super fan of his music overall, but he seriously has to do work on his artwork/avatar thing, this doesn’t reflect the artist he really is. At all. (Just my opinion, folks, okay. After all, I’m better with analyzing audio than visuals.)

Checking out some of his other works like “Something different (Interlude)“, a dance/disco tune also done in that typical signature setting,  or “Committed to a Vision“, my guess is that so far, Sunny Smiles on the fast lane to success. We’ll see. Uhm…I mean hear.

Sunny Smiles homepage
Sunny Smiles on soundcloud
Sunny Smiles on youtube


Florian Maier

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