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Herling – Why?

Have you ever questioned several things going in your life, lying on your bed and staring at the ceiling while doing so? “Why?” would be the perfect soundtrack for this scenario.

Starting with an emotional string intro, the track surprises with a laid back chillout groove as a base for the emotional yet distinctive vocals. The track merges several chillout elements with string melodies and a very defensive synth backing, creating this awesome atmosphere. The slightly reverbed vocals along those somewhat mysterious elements like a deep synth bass and some one-shots along the way create that special “I really don’t know whats happening here” feel for me as the listener. And over the whole track the tune is soft enough to not rush anything, to not ‘throw’ the message at you.

There’s a fine line of melancholy to find in the sound, and the song manages to approach that line, then balance on it, then go back to the more confident side of feelings. I love it when you find yourself ‘floating’ in between states of mind. When the song opens up more possibilities with several added elements, it feels like Herling tried to create an open ending to the question the song had in the first place. You think this feels like big cinema soundtrack of life? You’re right, it absolutely is.

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