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Brittney Spencer – Entourage

This is a dream. At least a mind-altering experience. Or both.

Songs like these are really hard to describe with words…but since I’m here for that, I will try it anyway.

This track is WAY different than everyday mainstream. (Welcome to kms reviews. Nothing you’ll find in here is dull mainstream.) For this electro pop track the young singer/songwriter Brittney Spencer teamed up with  awesome producer Elo The Source who… somehow does it all. Recently I heard several tracks done by him, and one thing’s for sure: he is definetly NOT your linear gimme-500-bucks-and-I’ll-mix-and-master-the-soul-outta-your-tracks guy.

Elo describes himself as “a GeN-X Contemporary Composer / Producer / Vocalist / Audio Engineer / Avantgarde / Urban Alternative / Grunge / Trill Vapor / Metal / Experimental with a affinity for all kinds of introspective music”. Yep. Nuff said. I couldn’t put it in better words. The multitalent got many aces up his sleeve, be it playing an instrument, singing, producing… I guess you name the game,and he goes like “yeah, I’ll do it!” The ability to explore all sorts of fields of expertise is a very important key in making a name for yourself out there. And boy, he’s doing exactly that.

Back to the track, shall we. Right from the start, with those processed, soft but sassy vocals, it feels like you opened the right door. Of course, the forbidden one, but hey, THAT’s where the fun starts, right. The track offers a lot of room and is thickened with an awesome synth bass and several one-shot elements. Plus there’s something special about those vocals of Spencer… for me, this synthesis of fragile, sassy and powerful components in her voice is just addictive. The rhythm is not too important for me within the track, because you’re just focusing on all the other things happening there. This track is something to just… let your brain play with it. I strongly recommend to check out the other works of Spencer or Elo, you’ll find many tracks to like. Guaranteed.

Brittney Spencer on bandlab
Brittney Spencer on facebook
Brittney Spencer on soundcloud
Elo The Source on soundcloud
Elo The Source on youtube
Elo the Source on bandlab


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