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Bad Flamingo – The House Is on Fire

Better take cover, boys and girls. The strangers are back in town.

With their signature western-styled music, the new release of the two mysterious girls known as Bad Flamingo creates that high-noon scenery in a unique fashion. Using just minimal elements regarding rhythm and melody, the atmosphere of the track really feels wild west-ish. The whistling parts are coming along with that special standoff vibe, and the laid back vibe along that spooky synth add some mysterious glow to the track. As you can see, this track changes sceneries like a movie while keeping the main theme intact. The vocals are a thing of their own, they contain several outstanding parts – one part fragility, one part sassiness and one part ‘I-told-you-so’.

The newest release of Bad Flamingo proves that less actually IS more. There’s everything in the track to go full effect on the listener, while nothing in there feels unnecessary. Plus the main theme stays true to the badass-cowgirl business card coming along with every new release of the strangers. My office never felt more like the wild west than today.

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