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Dralms – Gracious Host

This track is playful and mysterious, with a certain retro flavor attached. Get ready to feel the new release of canadian singer/songwriter Dralms.

For me this song feels a lot like walking through a forest on a warm, sunny day. There’s a calm, fresh and somewhat innocent environment, everything feels peaceful and quiet. The minimal synth and bass backing along a calm and defensive rhythm are like the trees and the wind, and those swirling elements are the birds passing by.

What I like the most in “Gracious Host” would be the fact that the track doesn’t rush anything. It offers you its message in a unique, laid back way, not forcing anything on the listener. Christopher Smith aka Dralms really knows how to trigger an emotional vibe that paints a picture in your head. And he does so with a soft and almost vulnerable voice which feels both honest and emotional. Of course, this ballad isn’t meant for any occasion, but the music of Dralms isn’t your everyday radio tune anyway. In the right mood set, this music lets you float in the sound, it abducts your mind into another dimension to exist in for a couple of minutes.

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