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Noelene Power – Bad For Me

Vocals to fall in love with instantly and an emotional melodic setting, that’s the new release of american singer/songwriter Noelene Power in a nutshell.

The somewhat ‘icy’ atmosphere created through the reverbed piano and the very defensive soundscape synth makes you stop whatever you were doing at this time. From the first seconds I was caught in this somewhat lost scenario that really makes you feel being alone. As the track progresses, theres a slow but intense build-up. Not just through the outstanding emotional vocals, but there’s this special vibe to find in “Bad For Me”. It’s hard to explain, but the track unleashes more energy while it’s going on. Maybe it’s not even ‘energy’ but emotion and passion. The vocals are constantly changing between vulnerable, melancholic and confident, driven. This creates a huge amount of tension in between the single elements. For me the track feels a lot like those thoughts rushing through your head revolving around a relationship – all of them, from silly to serious. I think this feel was captured perfectly in this song.

I also love the fact that the track just uses the amount of tracks necessary to unleash the full effect. Nothing fancy in there, nothing that’s not needed. Just the vocals, the piano, the synth, a minimal rhythm section and risers at the right ends. This tune of Noelene Power is a perfect example that less is more, and that a song can really move you with basic elements.

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Florian Maier

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