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Leisure Tank – Moema

Something about this track keeps me listening on repeat. Maybe it’s the edgy guitar. Maybe the unusual percussion which reminds me a lot of these aboriginal bone chains. Maybe the laid back vibe that’s transmitted through the vintage effect layered bass and guitar tracks. And maybe it’s those awesome half-dreamy, half vulnerable vocals of the singer which contain a mysterious element I only can describe as ‘erotic glow’ for now. But I guess, overall, this track contains the perfect groovy mix of honesty and passion to trigger that “hell yes” feel in me.

Creating a studio session vibe through those seemingly raw parts that evolve into a tense chrous part, I love how the song somewhat ‘plays’ with the perceptance of the listener. It’s lightweight as if it was a basement studio session (with an outstanding mix though), but then it’s meaningful on the right ends to let you know there was a lot of thought and work put in it. For me, this even adds another level of groove to the track. Handmade, honest, and passionate. To me it’s clear that the guys of Leisure Tank are living and breathing music, this is not an act they play.
What’s left to say? Put on these headphones, turn up the volume, and get ready to float in this environment of alt rock.

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