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Farryl Roth – As It Should

Be in your own power, dance your own dance.

Be prepared to be abducted into the world of Farryl Roth, as he takes you on a journey to find …yourself.

With well-balanced soft vocals, the singer/songwriter from Johannisburg, South Africa transmits a huge amount of feel. It’s like he gives you a part of himself with the message he is trying to transmit. This is the third track of his album “Crawl”, and with the other tracks “Tonight” and “Turn to Gold” where he uses all of his signature style elements like african percussion, acoustic guitars and rhodesy vintage synths he manages to really reach out to the listener in my opinion. Like I said – this is not just music to listen to, it’s music to feel. And, since I know a thing or two about mixing, a word about the production: it is outstanding, period. Everything is in place, no glitches, no eq hiccups, no nothing. Just a smooth track.

Handmade music, I mean GOOD handmade music, is rare these days. Looking around inĀ  the mainstream media, it seems like for years now this isn’t about the music anymore, but the name. The money. The connections. While this situation nowadays really sickens me as a music nerd, it’s comforting to know there are artists like Roth out there, just doing their thing. His approach to the listener really is genuine, he does what he loves, and it absolutely shows.
I read on his homepage that he does comedy as well… well, folks, here you have it: creativity never stops. A creative mind is never confined to just ONE form of art. That’s what shows while listening to his music, you just somehow KNOW that he is the real deal. I really hope his plans for doing a recurring show online someday will be reality some day, because unfortunately I may not be able to visit one of his live gigs down there anytime soon. Unless, of course, I win the lottery.

Farryl Roth soundcloud account
Farryl Roth homepage
Farryl Roth facebook page

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