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Ala Ghawas – Red

Taken from the album “Tryst”, this track of Bahraini singer/songwriter Ala Ghawas creates a refuge in your own mind, flowing like water while doing so.

Ever stood near a little creek for a while, just watching the water passing by? The sound of “Red” reminds me of exactly that scenery. The piano melody backed by strings and background vocals feels so natural and free as if it was water, streaming down a creek in the mountains. The vocals are both lightweight and passionate, telling the listener their poetic message with emotion and playful energy. Being backed by a defensive rhythm section, it clearly shows that this track was composed and constructed very carefully, with every element of the music placed and mixed in a fashion to not disturb or distract the other elements. This is not just a tune to listen to, “Red” creates a whole scenery to watch with your inner eye if you’re willing to close your eyes while listening, just letting your brain paint the pictures.

Music like this needs you to sit down. To focus. To take it in, not just to consume it. Artists like Ghawas don’t want to just get your eardrums moving, they want you to feel the vibes in the music on an emotional level. By creating music like this, they give away parts of their essence as a musician. Keep that in mind – this is a huge gift, guys.

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