The Groove Project – Ocean Of Air

Ever wondered what happens when you put a couple of awesome musicians described as an “american musical supergroup” in a studio and let them do their thing? The answer is easy: you’ll get an Ocean of Air.

Any musician having music running in his/her veins knows that moment. There’s that split second where you’re caught by the groove. The moment where music takes over and the brain shuts down, letting heart and soul take over for the performance. All of a sudden, it’s not important anymore if the stage hardware will work properly, how many people are in attendance or where you’re gonna sleep tonight. It’s just the musician, the instrument, and love and passion of creating music in that certain moment.

This is pretty much what I can hear in the arrangement of “Ocean of Air”. The track is unbelievably lightweight yet energetic, it feels great to just listen to it. These single sections, be it a vintage synth piano, a saxophone, a piano, or that mighty funky guitar, everything in this track happens for a reason. As if there was a switch mounted in the control room that activates the single musicians, they interact like this tune was a rather a theatre play than a music track. Like in every good play, there’s tension, there is a plot, a rise, there is an almost mysterious calming part, and so on. And if you’re telling me that you weren’t moving along the rhythm while listening to the release of The Groove Project – then sorry, my friend, but you’re a liar.

Tracks like “Ocean of Air” showcase what music is about. This blend of genres and styles shares the possible amount of passion and lets the listener have a glimpse of what being a musician is like. The single artists in this – lets call it – musical mastermind conglomerate want to transmit more than just the notes. And they hit the mark with what they do. This, guys, is the soundtrack of life.

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Florian Maier

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