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Jacqueline Loor – It’s Not On Me

Strong and beautiful vocals in a minimalistic reverbed atmosphere – these are the main ingredients of the latest release of Jacqueline Loor.

In a minimal piano backed atmosphere, the Miami based singer/songwriter showcases what effect her voice can have. These vocals are really vulnerable at first, but they are evolving as the song progresses. Her vocal range is impressive, but not only regarding scale, for me its impressive because of the emotional range she can trigger. There’s a certain playful attitude to the vocals attached, her singing is like watching butterflies flying by. Fragile as it seems, but lightweight and seemingly just enjoying their surrounding. I guess that to a certain point, Loor herself is a butterfly in her own environment. Aware of the danger out there, she’s just singing these negative thoughts away. The later added male vocals for the duet part are adding a base element and feel like the song is maturing, but with the next chorus part it’s clear that the beautiful butterfly Loor cannot be contained.

I know, I know…probably too much butterfly analogy here, but what the hey. That’s what I visualize when listening to this emotional and passionate song. (My personal music video, if you will.) “It’s Not On Me” emphasizes on the singer/songwriters ability to be the center of attention just with using her voice. And this voice is able to tear walls down – or let tears run down your face. It’s clear to me that Loor is in full control of what mood she triggers in the listener.

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