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VibeRay & Tuerano – Awake

Bright and sunny summer tunes

For all of you out there who fight the beginning cold temperatures with jackets, scarfs, hats and whatnot – don’t forget to warm up your inside as well. I got the perfect solution for you.

The talented indian DJ/producer Shubham Shahare, better known as “VibeRay”, teamed up this time with fellow producer Kunal Darji aka “Tuerano” to cook a very special edm track. And I mean a VERY special edm track.
With those melodic high pitched synths and bell-ish chimes, the song injects a summer feel instantly into the brain.  Those almost tropical vibes transmitted with this electro dance tune make you move even while sitting at your desk. (Yes, your honor. Guilty as charged.)
Loaded with energy, those softly pumping rhythm tracks build the perfect foundation for a defensively but effective mixed drum/bass combo designed for dancing. This track really feels lightweight and happy due to its progression and the used synths and effects. Closing your eyes, this transports you to one of those warm beach nights rather than the stunning cold we are going to face during winter.

Available on all major platforms, VibeRay is going big out there. He doesn’t just play around, his sight is set to make a name for himself out there. And boy, is he serious about it. It shows in his work, and his dedication will pay off soon for sure. But don’t just take my word for it. Listen for yourself.

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