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Hello Ocean – Blind

In a mysterious wide-room atmosphere where you could hear a needle fall, the newest release of Stina Svensson, better known as Hello Ocean, sends shivers down your spine.

From the first seconds on, there’s this special feeling that the message of the song is really important to the swedish singer/songwriter, and this feeling also is reflected in the tension and build-up of the song. This track was created very carefully, with less elements in there but a focus on the effects of the used elements. Taking its time, the track creates a setting to practically ‘force’ you to not just consume the music but to think about whats happening in there. The musical backing is defensive enough to direct your attention to the lyrics. I guess the lyrics can be seen as a reckoning, a confession, and a promise to herself and all the others that this won’t happen again. To be honest, sometimes this track makes me even feel guilty, as if I had hurt the singer, and now its her turn to throw her feelings at me. It’s amazing how Svensson manages to transmit this huge amount of emotion just with her voice. I’m telling you guys, these vocals put a spell on you.

I love the multipurpose vibe of the song, there’s a vulnerable approach with the fragile vocals, but later on, the mood of the song changes to strong and confident. Later again, this gets fragile again. For me, this is the perfect music to reflect what’s happening in your mind when you’re torn between “I have enough” and “its not that bad, is it”. Everybody who had been there knows that this isn’t a one-time decision but a constant struggle before your eyes finally are opened. For me, the concept of “Blind” is built like this struggle, and the atmosphere of the song is like sitting inside your own mind. You could say “Blind” invites you to self-reflect, and let me tell you – it is an outstanding accomplishment to create all of this in a single song.

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