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The Sedonas – Mind

You know what time it is? It’s time to get funky rock solid, folks.

The track you’re listening to is made out of a big pile of homegrown, non-engineered groove. From the first seconds on, those funky guitars and the flavourish vocals make one thing clear: it’s about the passion for music, the feel. Nothing else. The bass line is warm and calm yet jumping patterns like crazy, the guitar solo tracks are taken straight from the soul and played like the instrument was connected directly to the brain, and the drums bring back meaning to what is called ‘ghost notes’. The chemistry happening here is something that has to be earned, and for me it’s clear that there’s a mutual understanding of music between the guys of The Sedonas. “Mind” is one of those tracks that can get out of hand very quickly when developed during a session, a sound like this can easily get over 20 minutes of playing time without one single musician get bored. This only happens when the musical minds of the players are somewhat connected. Something tells me that is the case here.

Long story short here: The Sedonas are real musicians. What they create is handcrafted, honest and believable alternative rock with no strings attached. For me it seems that bands like them are a dying breed, since it’s more and more about the numbers out there, and not the music anymore. Everybody is rushing for clicks, likes, and chart positions. My advice? Forget about mainstream. Take all those glorified ultra-polished chart-and-label driven popstars, put them into one of those BFRs of Elon Musk, and send them out of our solar system. See, what The Sedonas do is real music. It comes from the heart, they put everything out there just because they want to. You can’t put a price tag on that honesty.

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